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On January 2021, a questionnaire survey on reading paper book was launched.

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"My soul rides on a paper back"

Author|San Mao
Publisher| Nanhai Publishing Company
Producer|New Classic Culture

"My Soul Riding on the Back of Paper" is the work of the well-known writer San Mao. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of San Mao's departure, the unpublished text was first published in simplified Chinese.

This book contains 83 personal letters written by Sanmao to relatives and friends, more than half of which are the first encounters with mainland readers. There are also Sanmao's precious photos, handwriting, etc., which are of precious significance.

This book delicately and vividly restores Sanmao, who is both familiar and unfamiliar to people outside the legend.Sanmao sincerely writes about her joy, pride, troubles and struggles, tells her relatives the joys, sorrows and joys of her sojourn, discusses life and art with friends, and conveys her faith and courage in life to young readers.This book will bring readers closer to a more amiable, real and agile Sanmao.


Author|Gustave Le Pen
Publisher| Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House

 The Crowd is the foundational work of group psychology.It has profoundly influenced scholars such as Freud, Jung, and Tocqueville, as well as political figures such as Roosevelt, Churchill, and Charles de Gaulle.

Le Pen believes that in a group, the human nature of the individual will be annihilated, the independent thinking ability will also be lost, and the spirit of the group will replace the spirit of the individual.For the first time, he clarified some important issues in social psychology, studied the differences between group characteristics and racial characteristics, pointed out the nature of mass movements, analyzed the relationship between leaders and the masses, democracy and dictatorship, and many of the points in the book are proven in the history of the 20th century.Understanding crowd psychology "is like having a bright light that illuminates many historical and economic phenomena. Without it, those phenomena are difficult to see."Today, The Crowd still has a strong contemporary feel.


"To Kill a Mockingbird"

Author|Harper Lee

Publisher|Yilin Publishing House

The value of this book lies in that it has created a model of human family education and provided highly operable examples and demonstrations.Different from many fictional stories that want to keep children pure and pure, it focuses on teaching children how to experience demeanor in suffering, accumulate righteousness in injustice, how to shape their own moral bottom line and maintain spiritual decency in a world full of ugly problems.In addition, Atticus, the civilian hero father in the book, provides an educational manual for confused parents: how to identify children's problems, which ones are caused by age, give them time to grow, and which problems are growing up. The key is a matter of principle, which must be intervened in a timely manner; what kind of image parents should be, in a complex society, which aspects should adapt and adapt, and which aspects should stick to their positions, even if they have to pay for it.

It can be said that the subject of this book is eternal and breaks through the limitations of the times. It is the struggle between belief and reality, the basis for creating a better world, and the confidence of human beings in themselves.This is one of the reasons for the enduring popularity of "Mockingbird".

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